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Your Personal and Autonomous Drone. In a world where innovations literally soar on the wings of technology, we are excited to introduce to you a next-generation quadcopter that promises to revolutionize your concept of flight.

This quadcopter is not just a flying device — it is a masterpiece of engineering thought, designed to open new horizons and reach unprecedented heights. You no longer need to control the quadcopter; it does all the work entirely on its own without the involvement of a UAV operator.

Maximum Convenience
4K Camera
Fly Anywhere
Reliability and Performance
Speed and Precision
20 Minutes of Flight
Revolutionary Safety Technologies

Foldable Design for Maximum Convenience

Our Drone is equipped with a unique foldable body that provides not only aesthetic appeal but also practicality. Easily fitting into a backpack or bag, it becomes your indispensable companion in solving any complex tasks, whether it's inspecting a manufacturing site, analyzing construction progress, or simply taking photos and videos.

Crystal Clear Shots with a 4K Camera

The 4K resolution camera ensures that every shot you take looks professional. Bright, clear images and smooth video thanks to the 3-axis gimbal allow you to capture every important moment with unmatched quality.

Fly Anywhere

This drone is capable of flying without GPS, making it the perfect choice for indoor manufacturing and research tasks. Flying accurately and without losing orientation, its unique machine vision system allows it to create detailed maps of the space, making flights more efficient and precise.

Highest Reliability and Performance

Featuring a high degree of reliability and performance, our drone ensures uninterrupted operation in the most extreme conditions. A backup system with laser rangefinders activates in the event of any malfunction or emergency situation, ensuring flight safety.

Speed and Precision

With a maximum flight speed of 50 km/h, this drone guarantees rapid target achievement. The precise landing system provides an additional level of control in the most challenging and unpredictable conditions, allowing the drone to land safely and smoothly even in confined spaces.

20 Minutes of Flight: Explore More

With a flight time of up to 20 minutes, you can explore the world around you for longer without worrying about the need for frequent recharging. The quadcopter can be equipped with a smart charging station. It provides automatic recharging for drones. Drones can take off and return for recharging and data transfer autonomously, without the need for constant operator intervention. The smart system of the station ensures continuous power supply to the quadcopters, providing uninterrupted and efficient operation for any complex tasks. Now, the process of photography and environmental analysis is safer, faster, and more automated.

Revolutionary Safety Technologies

Our drone is equipped with omnidirectional rangefinders and a machine vision system at the front and rear, allowing it to recognize and avoid obstacles. This system provides an unprecedented level of safety, enabling the quadcopter to avoid collisions in challenging flight conditions.

Dron Specifications:

511 x 412 x 133 mm
1.8 kg
Maximum Speed:
45 km/h
Flight Time:
Up to 20 minutes
4K camera with a resolution of 4096 x 2160
Control Range:
Up to 200 m
Spatial Orientation:
Utilizing machine vision and laser rangefinders
Stabilization System:


8 years
We have 8 years of experience in developing aerial robotics. We exclusively create and research multirotor types, believing they represent the present and future of the field!
Advantages of quadcopters compared to fixed-wing aircraft:
Can a drone take off and land vertically?
Quadrocopters do not require a runway, allowing them to be used in confined spaces and on uneven surfaces.
How high-quality are the images taken from the drone
Quadrocopters are highly maneuverable, making them ideal for challenging environments such as urban areas or near obstacles.
How low can a drone fly?
This allows for detailed imaging of specific objects and points, which is especially important for mapping, inspections and surveys.
Can the drone be deployed quickly?
Quadrocopters tend to be easier and cheaper to maintain compared to more complex aircraft-type UAVs.
How expensive and easy it is to maintain a drone?
Quadrocopters can fly at much lower altitudes, allowing for more detailed images.
How to control a drone?
Piloting quadcopters is generally easier, especially for beginners, due to their stability and automated flight controls.
Is it difficult to damage the drone?
Quadcopters are quickly ready to fly, allowing for rapid response to changing conditions or urgent tasks.
Safety in low altitude flying
The risk of injury in low altitude flying is lower with quadcopters due to their ability to stop and hover quickly.

Areas of application

Aerial Surveying and AEC
Create maps, build models, and conduct inspections using drones. Optimize work procedures and digitize your resources.
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Enhance inventory efficiency and safety at your warehouse while minimizing human involvement.
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Optimize the construction process, enhance measurement accuracy, and save time and labor.
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Enhance the management of your farmlands, maximize harvests, and optimize resources.
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