Orthophoto Maps

Orthophotomaps created using drones are high-precision aerial photographs adjusted to serve as cartographic maps. These images provide an accurate geometric representation of the terrain and are utilized across various sectors:
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Land Management and Urban Planning
For detailed land use planning, infrastructure design, and urban project development.
As a foundation for construction projects, work monitoring, and construction logging.
For field condition analysis, crop planning, and yield monitoring. - Environmental Conservation: For monitoring natural territories, planning environmental protection activities.
Using drones reduces human risk, especially in dangerous or inaccessible areas.

Problems Solved by
Aerial Photography:

High Precision and Detail:
Modern drones and data processing methods allow for the creation of high-resolution, accurate images.
Rapid Data Acquisition:
The ability to quickly conduct surveys and process data significantly reduces project timelines.
Aerial photography with drones is often more affordable compared to traditional methods.
Minimal Impact on the Terrain:
Important for sensitive or inaccessible areas.

Problems Solved by

Increased Planning Accuracy:
Orthophotomaps provide precise and up-to-date data, critical for planning and design.
Time and Resource Savings:
Fast and accurate information gathering accelerates decision-making processes and reduces fieldwork costs.
Enhanced Visualization and Project Presentation**:
Orthophoto Maps are a vital tool for visually demonstrating projects to clients and investors.
Regulatory Compliance:
Important for verifying land planning compliance with norms and regulations.

Advantages of Aerial
Photography with
Our Drone:

With a drone is a contemporary solution that opens new possibilities for precise and efficient planning in various fields. Our team of specialists utilizes advanced equipment and software to deliver high-quality, accurate orthophoto maps tailored to your unique needs.
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with high-precision aerial photography.
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We offer professional orthophoto map creation services for various purposes - from construction and urban planning to agricultural planning and environmental monitoring.