Introducing an innovative solution for warehouse inventory management - a drone equipped with machine vision. This cutting-edge tool is designed to simplify and accelerate the inventory process in warehouses, ensuring high accuracy and operational efficiency.
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Features of our
drone include:

Autonomous Indoor Flight:
Equipped with a machine vision system, the drone navigates through warehouse spaces without human intervention.
Self-Charging Capability:
Thanks to its own charging dock, the drone can recharge autonomously, minimizing the need for human involvement.
Barcode Recognition
The drone's ability to recognize barcodes on boxes automates the inventory management process.
Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
The drone's machine vision enables it to effectively detect and avoid obstacles, enhancing safety in warehouse operations.

Benefits of using a drone
for warehouse inventory:

Significantly speeds up the inventory process compared to traditional methods.
Reduces inventory errors through the automation of scanning and inventory management.
Decreases the risk of employee injuries by automating hazardous operations.
Resource Savings:
Reduces labor costs and increases overall warehouse productivity.
Easy Integration:
Easily integrates with existing warehouse systems.

How does it work?

Our drone is equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, allowing it to navigate the warehouse independently, scan barcodes, and transmit data to your warehouse database. With the ability to automatically return to its charging station, it can operate 24/7 or exclusively during off-hours, ensuring a continuous inventory process.
Our warehouse inventory drone is a technology that will change the way you manage warehouse stocks. It not only simplifies and speeds up the inventory process but also makes it more accurate and safe. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative system can benefit your business.


We address issues prevalent in the industry.
We understand that your warehouse management system requires optimization to keep pace with the rapid growth of global trade.
However, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve, not just keep up with it. Managing distribution centers, labor shortages, fulfilling orders, and acquiring necessary data - we know the immense responsibility of warehouse operation and control rests on your shoulders.
This is where automated inventory management comes into play, revolutionizing your world.

Modern warehouses face challenges
akin to the latest industry issues:

Inefficient Inventory Management: Traditional inventory methods often prove slow and error-prone, leading to discrepancies between actual and accounted stock levels.
High Operational Costs: Manual stock verification requires significant labor and time, increasing operational expenses.
Risk of Damage to Goods: Traditional inventory processes pose a risk of accidental damage to goods, especially when handling fragile or valuable items.
Limited Access to Current Information: In a rapidly changing market where prompt response to customer queries is vital, delays in accessing current stock information can lead to customer loss and revenue decline.
Lack of Flexibility and Scalability: As businesses grow or demands change, traditional warehouse systems often fail to adapt quickly.
Safety Compliance Issues: Manual warehouse operations frequently involve health and safety risks for staff.
Environmental Footprint: Traditional warehouse management methods can be inefficient in terms of energy and resource use.


Say goodbye to manual stock counting and physical inventory management. Forget about labor-intensive maintenance and equipment downtime. We offer a simple, autonomous warehouse inventory management system that takes care of your business.
This will enhance daily efficiency and provide long-term savings. All these are achievable by making the right decision.


A revolution in warehouse inventory: automated drone-based inventory management. Introducing an innovative solution for inventory and stocktaking in warehouses that will elevate your business to a new level!

System Advantages:

Increase inventory
accuracy to 99%.
Reduce inventory time
by 5-10 times.
Minimize human error and
eliminate mistakes.
Automate warehouse
operations and increase
Save time and reduce


A revolution in warehouse inventory: automated drone-based inventory management. Introducing an innovative solution for inventory and stocktaking in warehouses that will elevate your business to a new level!

Our system
is perfect for:

  • Warehouses of any size.
  • Distribution centers.
  • Logistics companies.
  • Manufacturing enterprises.
  • Retail chains.

With our solution, you can:

Increase stock turnover.
Optimize warehouse inventories.
Improve control over warehouse operations.
Reduce warehouse logistics expenses.
Enhance your business competitiveness.

Ready for a revolution in
warehouse inventory?

Contact us today to learn more about
our solution!
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Additional Benefits:

The drone is equipped with a collision prevention system, ensuring safe operation in a warehouse environment.
The system is portable and can be deployed in any warehouse space.
The system can be adapted to warehouses of any size and configuration.
Ease of Use:
The system is user-friendly and requires no special skills.
High-Precision Scanning:
The drone is equipped with four machine vision cameras (two in front and two at the back) that allow for simultaneous scanning of barcodes on boxes in front and behind the drone, ensuring comprehensive inventory of goods on shelves.
Book a system demonstration today and witness its efficiency!

Our System Capabilities:

Autonomous Drones:
Unmanned warehouse drones will fly within your facility, conducting inventory of your stocks.
Charging and Storage Dock Station:
The unmanned device is placed in its dock station and charged after each flight at your facility.
Integration with all services via API.
Cycle Counting:
Automatic cycle counting for inventory control, monitoring empty warehouse spaces, checking code dates, and many other functions.
Advanced Monitoring Dashboards:
Access to more inventory information and analytical data in Ware Cloud. Track discrepancies and anomalies right from your workstation.
Customer Support:
After implementation, our customer service representative will be ready to provide ongoing support.
Turnkey Setup:
After implementation, our customer service representative will be ready to provide ongoing support.
Use Existing Labeling:
Implementing our system won't require significant changes to your infrastructure. We adapt to your current barcodes and can provide consultations on their optimal design.
Lost Inventory Tracking:
We provide inventory data collection and analysis for you. Analyze discrepancies and locate lost stocks without leaving your workstation.